About the Library
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AUCA Library is a dynamic partner of the university community.  We leverage technology and creativity to promote access to collections, to help students to be responsible consumers of information, and to encourage lifelong learning.  We support faculty and researchers by providing access to a variety of information sources and formats.  We manage our print and digital resources and assist the community in using them.


Our Vision

We believe that freedom of expression, critical inquiry, and academic honesty should be integral part of academic life. We collaborate with faculty to foster intellectual relationships, to model new approaches to teaching and learning, and to encourage the open exchange of ideas.  We help our students to become fluent users and creators of information across and beyond the curriculum. 


Our Values

Our users’ needs are priority for us.  Our goal is to create the culture and the services where every user feels valued and appreciated.We believe that library resources, regardless of technology and formats, should be readily and equally accessible to our university community.We value our university’s diversity and strive to reflect that diversity in our resources and services.We value collaborative partnerships and seek new ways of engaging with students and faculty to achieve AUCA’s academic mission.