AUCA Library
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Collections and Location

AUCA Library has three locations within the campus:

Core Collection (Room 340)

  • a book collection, which contains one copy of each book store in the library, as well as monographs and reference materials;
  • reserved materials; 
  • individual study spaces for those looking for a quiet place;
  • group study room that fit 10 people.


Multimedia & Periodicals (Room 330)

  • audiovisual materials;
  • periodicals: academic journals, popular magazines and newspapers;
  • four desktop computers, printer and scanner; 
  • study spaces for individual and collaborative use.


Education USA Corner (Room 330)

  • Preparation materials for TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE & SAT;
  • NATO Multimedia Corner - books related to the NATO history and its current activity, defence and security issues, international relations, environmental science, education, economics and politics in Central Asia, etc.
  • DVD collection of feature and documentary films that address the contemporary issues of war, terrorism, international politics, migration, etc. 


Textbook Storage (C10)

  • multi-copy textbooks;
  • archived library materials, journals and newspapers.