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Trial access to Statista database

January 31, 2020

Statista  - one of the world's largest statistics portals

- More than 1 million statistics from over 22,500 sources
- Over 80,000 topics in 177 multidisciplinary categories
- Market data, consumer behavior, demographics and opinion polls
- Digital market outlook & consumer market outlook
- 4,500 Statista dossiers & industry reports
- 41,000 studies & reports from third parties
- Automatic citation output: APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Bluebook
- User & publication rights of all content
- All data can be downloaded within seconds in 4 different office formats. On top, every student, lecturer and member of staff receives full publication and usage rights of the data (useful if you present at a conference for example). 
Access is available from AUCA network

Simple search in 3 steps: 
Good reason for choosing Statista:

-Students can easily find data for term papers, presentations or theses
-Professors and academic researchers use Statista for research and teaching purposes


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