AUCA team at AMICAL 2020 conference
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AUCA team at AMICAL 2020 conference

February 3, 2020

AUCA Team at AMICAL 2020 Annual Conference  

AMICAL Consortium’s 17th annual meeting and conference took place at the American University of Kuwait on January 15-18, 2020. This year’s theme was  “Digital transformation at international liberal arts institutions: Innovation, collaboration & sustainability”.  The program focused on the impact of digital transformation at AMICAL member institutions, as well as other topics pertinent to libraries, technology and learning. 

AUCA was represented by a group of faculty members, librarians and technologists and a student.  Our team was the largest at the conference. Each out of 13 team members contributed to the conference program by sharing their teaching experience, projects and collaboration activities.

Please find the detailed information about presenters and their projects in the booklet. 

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