Prof. Clyde Forsberg
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Prof. Clyde Forsberg

March 23, 2021

We all have been saddened by the sudden death of Prof. Clyde Forsberg. His death is a great loss because he was a true icon of a prominent scholar. Philosophy and religion, social history and literature, academic research and teaching, art, jazz, theater - it was all about Prof. Forsberg.


Despite the fact he is no longer with the AUCA community, his legacy remains with us. 

Prof. Forsberg’s knowledge, experience, and philosophy are present with his publications.  


The multifaceted, interdisciplinary, and intercultural transnational direction of his academic performance is reflected in his books and articles, published in different years, five of which are available in the AUCA library.


Divine Rite of Kings: Land, Race, Same Sex, and Empire in Mormonism and the Esoteric Tradition.

The book offers an in-depth analysis of Mormon beliefs based on ancient esoteric practices and links to issues of racist doctrines and homophobic politics.


Equal rites: the Book of Mormon, Masonry, gender, and American culture

The book is about Mormons, their religious, historical, and cultural role in 19th century America. It also discusses the leading role of women and raises the question of gender history. The e-book is available in the JSTOR Open Source Database.


The Life and Legacy of George Leslie Mackay: An Interdisciplinary Study of Canada s First Presbyterian Missionary to Northern Taiwan (1872 1901)

The book represents an interdisciplinary research by seven independent scholars on a famous Canadian Presbyterian missionary who came to northern Formosa (Taiwan) in 1872 and preached specifically with aborigines in mind.


The persecution of professors in the new Turkey: expulsion of excellence - a Facebook book.

Events take place in the very heart of Turkey. At that time, Prof. Forsberg was a professor at the Department of Western Languages and Literatures at Karabuk University. The scholar recounts the events leading up to his arrest using a media research approach, and asks challenging questions about the role of social media in preserving democratic freedoms.


Playing it by ear: the jazz-theater of Clyde R. Forsberg Jr. The first ten years: 2000-2010 

Originally, the idea was for a history professor who played jazz to use the stage to convey a message of some historical importance, augmented by music, as an experiment to see whether the theatre was not a better medium than the classroom


Prof. Clyde Forsberg's latest project on creating a club for children to actively involve them in reading, discussing and critical reflection of children's literature, followed by teaching them how to write essays in English could be considered as a part of his legacy. 


We hope that his idea will be implemented, and a children's reading club will be open at our university.

We invite all interested to check out the Prof. Forsberg books in AUCA library room 340.

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