“Riding a butterflies without a saddle” Alua Devine
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“Riding a butterflies without a saddle” Alua Devine

December 7, 2017

On Tuesday, December 5, the library hosted a meeting which was called “Riding a butterflies without a saddle” by AUCA faculty member Alua Devine from  BA and  MBA departments and  young artist - Alyza Zheldenbaeva.

In a warm friendly evening, our quests had a dialogue with author. Alua presented her works - paintings filled with light, color and sincere. A feature of the collection is that none of the works has a name. The author enables the viewer to see, feel and thereby reflect in the picture, hear and understand himself.

Pictures of artists will remain in the library until December 14. So each of us has the opportunity to come, see, think about and try to name each of the objects.

The main message to the audience is to dream, believe in yourself, never stop, go ahead and do not try to please everyone.

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