Meeting with Manaschy
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Meeting with Manaschy

December 11, 2017

The Epic Manas is the classic centerpiece of Kyrgyz literature, and parts of it are often recited at Kyrgyz festivities by specialists in the epic, called Manaschi. Manaschis tell the tale in a melodic chant unaccompanied by musical instruments.

In December 7, 2018 AUCA Library had an excellent opportunity to host a meeting with famous Manaschy Rysbai Isakov and his student Nurbek. Our guests performed excerpt from epic Manas. They told interesting facts and about their unique talent which they start telling Manas through dreaming great heroes.

The audience had many questions for guests. They were interested in the history and argument  of Manas between other nations. Also, in this event we had a unique chance to watch a premiere of the film by Nazira Aaly kyzy “Who is Manaschy”.

Nowadays, many researchers work on this fenomen of telling Manas. It is a huge step in order to research and to save historical and cultural heritage.

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