15th Annual AMICAL Conference 2018 at AUCA
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15th Annual AMICAL Conference 2018 at AUCA

May 11, 2018

On May 4-7 AUCA hosted 15th Annual AMICAL Conference 2018.

AMICAL Conference is the one opportunity to meet face to face  librarians, faculty and technologist to advance learning, teaching and research through the collaborative development.

The conference was successful. During  the program library staff and  participants shared experiences with each other and exchanged ideas on promoting collaboration with faculty members and students. 120 participants from AMICAL network institutions attended in it, including participants from AUCA.

AUCA Library presented 2 projects:

-“Implementing Open Educational Resource at AUCA”  which was realized in collaboration with Sociology department.

-“Information Literacy Support Initiative” with WARC department.  

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